Character comes in many flavors

From our classic original cigar to its more contemporary cousins, from 5–packs to 3–packs to Singles, every Backwoods cigar combines the best leaf wrappers and the finest tobacco blends for a smoking experience that's 100% real, 100% authentic, 100% Backwoods.


This is the classic cigar that started it all. Let its frayed end, tapered body, and unfinished head add an authentically aromatic moment to your day. Or to your night. Or both.

Sweet Aromatic

Our signature blend for cigar smokers looking for mellow and smooth moments. Relax with its fragrant scent and distinctive taste.

Honey Berry

Honey from the bees, berries from the trees. This classic cigar combines two favorite wilderness flavors in one cigar.


This original cigar is the beekeeper's favorite, pairing tobacco with the sweet taste of golden honey.

Black n' Sweet Aromatic

Add a thrill to your day or night with this classic cigar’s dark color, luscious fragrance and delicious taste.

This old-fashioned Kentucky favorite brings you home with flavors of smooth bourbon and sweet golden honey. Crack the barrel and enjoy it with your closest friends.

Revel in the taste of full-flavored stout as made famous in the taverns of yore. Hints of dark cocoa and roasted coffee make this flavor bold to the brim.

Straight from the snow belt, this smooth flavor gives you the tastes of vodka and coffee liqueur. With fresh cream and dark coffee hints, it's a uniquely aromatic and satisfying smoke.